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Conclusion of the 2017 Summer Internship

28, Nov, 2017

The 2017 edition of CISTER's Summer Internship concluded with three interesting projects being delivered by six outstanding third-year students.

Bernardo Belchior and Beatriz Baldaia, under the supervision of Ricardo Severino, developed a project in the domain of Wireless Sensor Networks entitled “Building-Wide Smart Sensor Deployment”. The project collected temperature data, measured via a wide range of sensor nodes deployed at CISTER, and acted upon the collected values to maintain the temperature of CISTER's facilities constant. The end goal of the project was to save energy and therefore energy costs.

Henrique Reis and Rostyslav Khoptiy developed the project entitled "Real-Time Cyber Physical System with Raspberry Pi", under the supervision of Paulo Baltarejo. The two students developed a prototype of a cyber physical system using a Raspberry Pi board. In the prototype, several temperature sensors and motors were integrated in order to monitor and control the temperature of a closed environment. Their work can be seen at CISTER's YouTube channel.

Renato Oliveira and Manuel Meireles, along with Cláudio Maia and Luís Miguel Pinho as their supervisors, devoted their attention to "QEMU-Lib". QEMU is a well-known open source machine emulator. QEMU-lib is a library that allows one to dynamically create and interact with several QEMU instances. Along with the library, the students also developed demo clients that take advantage of the functionality provided by QEMU-lib.

CISTER is proud of the performance of the students. This has set new high stakes for the next year's edition!

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