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  • CISTER hosted EWSN 2015

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    in Porto, Portugal from 9th to 11th February.

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3, Dec, 2016

Achievements in Academia

PC meeting of RTAS'17 organized in CISTER

December 3 saw many high-profile academics gather at CISTER for the Technical Program Committee meeting of the 23rd IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS'17). The conference will be held in Pittsburgh, USA, as part of the Cyber-Physical Systems Week (CPS Week) in April, 2017.

The annual CPS Week 2017 will bring together leading conferences, including the International Conference on Hybrid Systems (HSCC’17), the International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS’17), the International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI’17), the International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN’17), and RTAS’17.

Researchers Geoffrey Nelissen and Vincent Nelis participated in the PC meeting.

2, Dec, 2016

Achievements in Academia

RTSS 2016: a huge success

29, Nov, 2016

Activities in the Center

CiWork 2016

In November, CISTER organized its annual Industrial Workshop (CiWork’16). The workshop series, started in 2013, brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia on a joint platform to debate recent developments and challenges (and their practical aspects in industry) in the emerging topic of embedded real time systems.

The 2016 edition had a special agenda and focused on academia/industry relationships and knowledge transfer. The topics included Factory automation and control, Energy-efficient buildings, data centers and power distribution systems, healthcare systems and high-confidence medical devices, Networked cyber-physical and control systems, Avionics, automotive and robotic electronic systems and Internet of Things.

The well attended workshop had talks by Cláudio Silva (GMV), João Rodrigues (Critical Software), Luís Martins (EFACEC), Francisco Almeida Lobo (Critical Manufacturing), Marlos Silva (SONAE) and Paulo Santos (Kinematix).

15, Nov, 2016

Progress in Projects

Industry Experts gather in Porto for P-SOCRATES Industrial Workshop

The P-SOCRATES Industrial Workshop took place at ISEP in November, a meeting organized to present the results of the P-SOCRATES European project to its Industrial Advisory Board, which includes experts from Kalray (FR), Airbus (FR), Rapita (UK), Honeywell (CZ), SAAB (SE), MBDA (IT) and Bosch (DE).

P-SOCRATES (Parallel Software Framework for Time-Critical Many-core Systems) is an FP7 European project, led by ISEP, addressing the challenges of predictability and performance of current and future applications with high-performance and real-time requirements. The project developed an entirely new design framework, from conceptual design of the system functionality to its physical implementation, to facilitate the deployment of standardized parallel architectures in all kinds of real-time systems.

During the workshop, P-SOCRATES members presented technical outcomes of the project, as well as results of the evaluation campaign, discussing with the industry experts the achievements and future perspectives. This was a highly successful meeting and received very positive and encouraging feedback.

14, Nov, 2016

Activities in the Center

Visit of collaborator from Universidad Carlos III Madrid

Marisol Garcia-Valls, an associate professor at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain, visited CISTER during the months of November and December. Marisol holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Universitat Jaume I, Spain.

Her research interests include reliable distributed systems, software technologies, real-time middleware for cyber-physical systems, modeling and software engineering.

She has been and is enrolled in a number of National and European projects, being the scientific and technical coordinator of iLAND project (Artemis-1-00026).

During her stay, Marisol explored to start a collaborative work on QoS for message-oriented middlewares with CISTER researchers.

8, Nov, 2016

Progress in Projects

ENABLE-S3 General Assembly in Madrid

CISTER researchers David Pereira and Gurulingesh Raravi attended the first General Assembly of the ENABLE-S3 project, that took place in Madrid in November. ENABLE-S3 will pave the way for accelerated application of highly automated and autonomous systems in the mobility domains automotive, aerospace, rail and maritime as well as in the health care domain.

The main focus of the meeting was to help consolidate the ongoing specifications of several use-cases of the project, and associated requirement elicitation process. CISTER participates in three use-cases, namely on the automotive, aerospace, and farming application domains. During the general assembly, CISTER researchers participated in several breakout sessions dedicated to these use cases, where together with the remaining partners involved in the use cases, successfully progressed in their specifications and requirement definition towards the first version of the corresponding deliverables.

19, Oct, 2016

Achievements in Academia

CISTER Researcher Program Co-Chair at RTNS

The 24th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS 2016) took place this October 19-21th, in Brest, France. RTNS is a friendly conference with a great sense of community, where cutting edge research is presented in the areas of real-time system design and analysis, infrastructure and hardware for real-time systems, software technologies for real-time systems and emerging applications.

CISTER researcher Luis Miguel Pinho was Program Co-Chair of the conference, together with Sébastien Faucou from Université de Nantes, France. The conference featured a rich 3-day technical program, with 34 papers split in 10 sessions, coming from a record number of submissions at RTNS.

Highlights of the conference was the keynote talk by Sebastian Fischmeister, University of Waterloo, Canada, on “Time-aware Instrumentation: From the Formal Model to Applications”; the 10th Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing; and, for the first time at RTNS, an Artifact Evaluation process, an increasingly important requirements for research results.

The conference was both a technical and networking success, blessed by sunny days in Brest, a rare occasion at this time of the year.

6, Oct, 2016

Activities in the Center

The return of a past member, and other CISTER graduates moving on

We warmly welcome Gurulingesh Raravi back to CISTER as a new Research Associate.

Before joining the Centre, Gurulingesh worked at Xerox Research Centre India for two years focusing on designing solutions for smart mobility and retail systems and for service delivery organizations. In 2014, he received his PhD with the highest honors from University of Porto for his work on "Real-Time Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors", under the supervision of CISTER researcher Vincent Nélis. Gurulingesh’s research interests are mainly in the automotive and telecommunications domains.

Other CISTER PhD graduates have also found new positions. Congratulations to Artem Burmyakov, who has joined the Seoul National University as a Postdoctoral Associate; Dakshina Dasari, who has joined Bosch Germany; and Claro Noda, who has joined Mid Sweden university as a Postdoc Researcher. We wish them success in their new career.

30, Sep, 2016

Progress in Projects

KhronoSim project kicks off

CISTER is a partner of the recently approved KhronoSim project, in the framework of Portugal 2020 Program, that kicked-off this September 30th, in Coimbra.
KhronoSim aims at developing a platform for testing cyber-physical systems in closed-loop, that is modular, extensible and usable in multiple application domains. Featuring hard-real-time control, enabling the integration of simulation models to build a closed loop test environment and allowing the use of physical and virtual systems alike. This is essential to study the implications of complex systems working tightly coupled, with little or no human intervention. In these systems, testing components individually, one-by-one, is not sufficient to assert the correct functioning of the overall system.

The two year project is led by Critical Software  and includes CISTER and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra (DEEC-UC). CISTER's role will be in the embedded real-time domain, in particular the challenges of testing and simulating multicore platforms.

30, Sep, 2016

Progress in Projects

MANTIS reaches first milestone

The MANTIS project first milestone has been successfully reached. Up to this milestone, CISTER was able to deliver a middleware for CNC machine monitoring, capable of making available data from the machine internal sensors and from sensors specific for pro-active maintenance. This last type of sensors can be added to high end machines to detect condition like the presence of metal in machine lubricant and abnormal vibration on the machine. The existence of these conditions enables the MANTIS system to predict failure and determine the root cause of failure, among other functionalities. The overall MANTIS also passed successfully its first project review meeting.

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