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CISTER Industry Seminar with João Rodrigues

7, Nov, 2017

As part of its seminar series, this time CISTER's stage was given to João Rodrigues, a senior engineer working for Critical Software in the embedded systems domain. Based on his expertise on the development of operating systems, João gave a seminar entitled "Road to RTOS development" in which he presented the underpinnings of real-time operating systems from an industrial point of view. In particular, João explained the modular approach used by operating systems developers to support low level aspects required by embedded systems, from ground-up up to the user space, or technically speaking, starting at the bootloader, passing through the kernel and ending up at the device drivers.

With over 10 years’ experience, João Rodrigues is a “near the metal” software developer with extensive experience on a wide range of operating systems and programming languages. Throughout his career he has developed high performance, semiconductor manufacturing applications to embedded solutions and has been working recently on the development of a new multi-core, mixed-criticality real time operating system.