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The Arrowhead Project on IoT Automation Concludes in Style

28, Apr, 2017

The results of the last review meeting of the Arrowhead project are now available and couldn’t have been better. Arrowhead has been classified as excellent, signifying that “it has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals and has even exceeded expectations”.

The Arrowhead main objective was to provide a Service Oriented Approach (SOA) to Embedded Systems by both streamlining the design of services, and providing a framework to support service development.

The exploitation results were considered impressive, with the reviewers acknowledging the quality of the industrial pilots, which demonstrated an in-depth approach of the Arrowhead framework applicability. Supported by the results achieved in Arrowhead, partners already have more than 10 products in the market, and four startup companies were also initiated. Dissemination results were also of high standards with the publication of the “IoT Automation: Arrowhead Framework” book by CRC Press and several high quality publications. Additionally, the project supported the establishment of business cooperation among some of the participating companies, which goes beyond the traditional expected cooperation of industry-academia.

During these four years, the project counted with the participation of several CISTER researchers, namely Luis Lino Ferreira (project leader), Michele Albano, Paulo Barbosa, Renato Ayres, José Silva, Filipe Pacheco, César Teixeira, Ricardo Garibay-Martinez among others.