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Open Debate Session about "Plasticology" at Porto Design Factory

23, Apr, 2019

On April 23th, CISTER Researcher Pedro M. Santos participated in the In Session about "Plasticology" organized by the Porto Design Factory.
Some of the addressed topics were the relevance of plastic-based products in our society and their impact in the environment. A core idea that was discussed was that of promoting among the general public, that often regards plastic as discardable, the concept of a circular usage of plastic-based products, i.e., involving its reuse and recycling.
The industrial representative - Ernesto São Simão (plastic moulding) - is a strong supporter of this approach, actually letting us know that, for some products, using recycled plastic in product manufacturing is perfectly acceptable and lowers the production cost with respect to using new raw material.
Information technologies such as those explored by CISTER can play an important role in the traceability of plastic products, e.g., for keeping information on the source and quality of the recycled plastic.