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A Machine Learning challenge was won by CISTER interns

21, Mar, 2019

The last INESC-TEC Telecommunications and Multimedia Center Open (TMC) day brought together several higher education students into a set of workshops in the fields of computer networking, optical and electronic, data processing and multimedia.
Two CISTER interns and undergraduate students in Computer Engineering, Rita Sousa and Tiago Coelho, participated in the workshop "Machine Learning & Computer Vision" and won the final challenge.
"Each group was given a set of images from Simpson's family comic strip and the challenge was to identify which of the characters was present in each of these images, using artificial intelligence techniques.
By having 30 minutes, and starting from an initial solution, each participant should adapt the Machine Learning model so as to maximise the number of characters correctly identified" - explains Luís Vilaça, INESC-TEC Researcher and Electronic/Computer Engineering MSc student.
To Rita and Tiago, to represent CISTER/ISEP in this competition lead to an increased of sense responsibility and motivation to their current work at CISTER.
"To compete with other schools is much more appealing. We have no knowledge of their techniques and preparation for the challenge. Having achieved the first place left us very satisfied, not only on a personal level, but we proved that CISTER/ISEP successfully prepares their students to tackle new challenges, and therefore, upheld its reputation."