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VORTEX, the Collaborative Laboratory in CPS, was officially launched

29, Mar, 2019

On the 29th of March of 2019, VORTEX - an Acceleration and Technology Transfer Center of Cyber-Physical Systems in Cyber Security in Portugal, was formally presented in the headquarters of Altran Portugal, in Lisbon.
VORTEX aims to create a collaborative ecosystem between research centers, startups and industrial leaders that explore emerging technologic trends and that apply them in the development of new products that address the new market challenges. Lead by Altran Portugal, VORTEX is an associaton that has as founding members the Polytechnic Institute of Porto/School of Engineering (ISEP/IPP) represented by CISTER (Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems), the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL) represented by NOVALincs, the Systems and Computer Engineering Institute - Tecnology & Science (INESC TEC) represented by HASLab, and the Innovation Platform Beta-i.
The importance of VORTEX in the Portuguese Industrial and Academic ecosystem was recognized by the Minister of Science and Tecnology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, who stated that "VORTEX represents the creation of employment with digital transformation, by a new type of institutions that will stimulate the risk-sharing between public and private sectors to invest in the employment knowledge and co-creation".
CISTER is a key partner in the VORTEX venture, by providing key competences in the areas of real-time embedded computing systems, telecommunications, hypervisors and virtualization, and formal verification. Several members of CISTER are actively working on VORTEX in these areas, providing the necessary work-force to establish a first demonstrator targetting cutting-edge, future solutions for the automotive domain.

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