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Four new PhD students have joined CISTER

31, Jan, 2019

During the last month four new PhD students joined CISTER.

Hajar and Amir from Iran, Ênio from Brasil and Jingjing from China, are already aiming their brain power at the next three years, in which they will be doing research in topics such as reliable 5G communications, cooperative autonomous control, and multiprocessor platforms for embedded safety critical systems.

Hajar Baghcheband was born in Shiraz, Iran. She received the B.Sc. in computer software engineering from IAU of Shiraz and the M.Sc. degrees in the field of Information Technology from Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT). Her master thesis was granted by Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC) and focused on applying data mining techniques to intrusion detection system. Since 2009, she was lecturer at higher education institutes and colleges of Shiraz.
In 2016, her new role in company as project management and database administrator started which their project shortlisted for World Summit Award.
Since September 2018, Hajar started to pursue her education toward PhD in Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Her research interests are Machine Learning, Multi agent System, Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, Business Intelligence, Decision Support system and Database.

Amir Hossein Farzamiyan was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1985. He received both the B.Sc. and the M.Sc. degrees in the field of Electrical and Electronic engineering. He is a graduate with strong communication and organizational skills gained in his study, research and work experience in communication networks and Wireless Communication, now seeking to pursue his study toward PhD in the field of telecommunication.
His research interests are Wireless (Radio) Access Networks, 5G Networks, Internet of Things, Software Defined Network, Advanced Wireless Communications, Cyber-Security, Network Packet Routing Protocol, Network Topology.

Ênio Filho was born in 1984 in Brazil. He has a BSc degree in Automation and Control (2006) and a MSc degree in Mechatronics Systems (2012) both from Universidade de Brásilia (UnB). He is an assistant professor at Instituto Federal de Goiás (IFG), in Brazil.
He is pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (PDEEC).His biggests interests are in autonomous vehicles, communication networks and artificial intelligence in real time applications.

Jingjing Zheng was born in 1991 in Hubei, China. From a very young age he showed enormously passionate about computers and mathematics. During his college years, he participated in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling three times, and obtained the Second Prize in Jiangxi Province, the First Prize in Jiangxi Province, the Second Prize in the Nation, respectively.
In 2015 he began to study Control Science and Engineering at the Guangdong University of Technology, where he had done the master thesis of Research on Resource Allocation and Multi-agent Co-optimization for Dynamic Heterogeneous Multi-core Processors, and having obtained a good result through peer reviews. After, he received the M.S.degree from Guangdong University of Technology, China, in June 2018.
Currently his research interests are in Real Time Embedded Systems, Multi-core processors and Optimization Algorithm.