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CISTER has great participation in RTSS 2018

14, Dec, 2018

CISTER Researcher Geoffrey Nelissen had three full papers presented at RTSS 2018. The three papers were the result of an ongoing collaboration with Scuola Sant' Anna in Pisa. The presented papers discussed results in various but complementary topics such as resource sharing for self-suspending task, parallel DAG tasks scheduling in multicore platforms and memory feasibility analysis for parallel tasks executed on scratchpad based architectures.
"The SRP Resource Sharing Protocol for Self-Suspending Tasks" by Geoffrey Nelissen, and Alessandro Biondi at RTSS 18;
"Memory Feasibility Analysis of Parallel Tasks Running on Scratchpad-Based Architectures" by Daniel Casini, Alessandro Biondi, Geoffrey Nelissen, and Giorgio Buttazzo, at RTSS 18;
"Partitioned Fixed-Priority Scheduling of Parallel Tasks Without Preemptions" by Daniel Casini, Alessandro Biondi, Geoffrey Nelissen, and Giorgio Buttazzo, at RTSS 18.

CISTER researchers Geoffrey Nelissen and Konstantinos Bletsas gave two talks at the Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems (WMC) held in conjunction with RTSS 2018.

Geoffrey gave an invited talk on the compliance of the mixed criticality systems model with industrial safety related standards. Konstantinos presented a short paper as well as participated to a discussion panel on how the mixed criticality systems theory could be extended to integrate the notion of importance of a functionality for the system operation in addition of its criticality.

Both talks gave rise to very interesting discussions on the next possible evolutions of the mixed criticality systems model.

And also, CISTER Vice-Director Luis Almeida attended RTSS 2018 to participate in several meetings of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems. In these meetings, the venue for RTSS 2020 was chosen, which will be Houston, USA, and several executive decisions were taken concerning the steering of both RTSS and RTAS. Meanwhile, RTSS 2019 will take place in Singapore, going to Asia for the first time ever, while RTAS 2020 will take place within CPS Week 2020, as usual, this time in Sidney.