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Book on IoT Automation

5, Jan, 2017

CISTER researchers Luis Lino Ferreira and Michele Albano co-authored several chapters of the book “IoT Automation: Arrowhead Framework”, which will be published in February, 2017 by CRC Press. This book presents an in-depth description of the Arrowhead Framework and how it fosters interoperability between IoT devices at service level. This Framework is structured on the SOA technology and the concept of local cloud. The objective is to provide several automation capabilities such as: real time control, security, scalability, and engineering simplicity. The Arrowhead Framework supports the realization of collaborative automation; and it is the only IoT Framework that addresses global interoperability across multiple SOA technologies and therefore enabling the design, engineering, and operation of large automation systems for a wide range of applications utilizing IoT and CPS technologies.

The book provides application examples from a wide number of industrial fields e.g. airline maintenance, mining maintenance, smart production, electro-mobility, automotive test, smart cities—all in response to EU societal challenges.

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