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Arrowhead Project progresses

12, May, 2016

Recently, a General Meeting of the Arrowhead project took place at the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute, London. Arrowhead is the European effort to apply the Service Oriented Approach (SOA) to Embedded Systems by both streamlining the design of services, and providing a framework to support service development. The Arrowhead project is now in its last year. The meeting had the twofold goal of enabling demonstrators' owners to use the capabilities of the current implementation of the Arrowhead Framework, and to discuss the evolution of the framework.

CISTER work is converging on extending the publish/subscribe paradigm to SOA, and on QoS-as-a-Service. Michele Albano represented CISTER in the meeting and led the session on QoS. The discussion considered how QoS can be applied to orchestrate services in a local cloud, and the Arrowhead partners agreed on CISTER's proposal for an architecture supporting the QoS functionalities. Later, the discussion came to a novel topic, QoS for distributed systems obeying the "cloud of clouds" design, and the Arrowhead partners will be driven by CISTER while investigating this new research line.


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