Seminar Series 2018 - Ishfaq Hussain

Seminar Series 2018 - Ishfaq Hussain

A Multicore Processor Platform for Energy and throughput Aware Applications
3, May, 2018 11:30-12:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Multicore architectures are mainstream due to ever increasing demand of throughput by modern applications. However, the suboptimal utilization of available resources in these architectures may imply an inevitable energy overhead. This energy overhead can only be avoided if the multicore systems support reconfiguration of available resources as per application demand. To achieve the target objectives (i.e., Energy efficiency with Throughput maximization) in multicore systems, many decision variables need to be optimized or analyzed to find the better trade-off. Heuristic-based approaches are aimed to provide a good-enough solution instead of a lengthy exhaustive search. This talk presents an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA)-based approach, i.e., Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II (NSGA-II). Three decision variables, i.e., number of cores, cache size and frequency are used to find best solution. The proposed approach is validated over a set of parallel benchmarks using a cycle accurate simulator. The results show a significant amount of energy saving along with minimal impact on the throughput of the system

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