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Ana Aguiar gave a distinguished seminar at CISTER/ISEP

24, Jul, 2018

Ana Aguiar, assistant professor at University of Porto (FEUP) and coordinator of the Networked Systems Group at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), Portugal, gave a distinguished seminar entitled “IoT for Smart Cities: Experiences from a large-scale pioneering deployment” at CISTER/ISEP. The talk addressed the issue of observing urban processes for the sake of citizens’ quality of life, supporting better-informed policies and deployment of new services. Such observation requires sourcing heterogeneous technologies for sensing and data collection, which is a good fit for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). In the talk Ana shared her learn-by-doing experience in building a city-scale IoT deployment in the city of Porto that leveraged 19 static environmental sensors and a vehicular network with 600+ vehicles to monitor the weather, environment (air quality and noise) and mobility. This was complemented with mobile crowdsensing that gathered data from more than 600 participants, collected it in a common backend and stored it using common spatio-temporal data models to simplify sharing and joint analysis for the characterization of urban dynamics.

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