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Arrowhead project is coming to a successful end

30, Sep, 2016
During the last 4 years CISTER resarchers have been envolved in Arrowhead project. The main objective was to provide a Service Oriented Approach (SOA) to Embedded Systems by both streamlining the design of services, and providing a framework to support service development.
In the development of the Arrowhead framework, CISTER was responsible for creation of a software engineering methodology capable of supporting design and documentation of artefacts in embedded SOA systems, and was also responsible for the design and implementation of the flex-offer concept, which is applied to the trading of energy by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, like industrial machines, heating systems, household appliances, and others.
During the last 9 months of the project there was also a very fruitful collaboration of 4 undergraduate students from the department of informatics of ISEP. They have been involved in the successful development of two Arrowhead Core systems: the QoS Manager and the Event Handler. The Event Handler is a REST-based application to distribute and filter messages, and delivering them to consuming applications. The QoS Manager is a generic framework, which can be applied on multiple IoT environments, providing its applications with capabilities of handling several QoS parameters and, at the same time, monitor any failures which can occur, distributing failure information by means of the Event Handler systems.